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Wall Design

Hardwood Wall Design

Charred Wood
(Shou Sugi Ban)

Nursery Wall

PRPS Barn Wood Wall

Mixed Softwood Wall Design
Mixed weathered wood wall design

Reclaimed Planks Colorwashed
Salvaged Wood Patch Work Wall Floor Design

Reclaimed Barn Wood - Gray


Ceiling Design -  Hyde Lounge
Mammoth Mountain, Calif
Hyde Lounge Mammoth Mountain Reclaimed Wall

Reclaimed Metal Design


The Waterplace Building   Salem, Oregon
CB2 Architecture
Reclaimed Timbers Beams

Horizontal Slats Salvaged Wood Wall Design
modern wood wall
Mixed Dimension
Reclaimed Hardwood/Softwood Paneling

mixed dimension wood wall design

Barn Wood Ceiling Paneling
gray weathered barn wood

Painted Boards/Natural Rough Sawn Wall Design
Hyde Lounge
cool wall recycled wood

Barn Wood on Translucent Wall

painted barn wood transluscent wall

  Salvaged Wood/Tile Mix Wall Design

Wood Tile Wall Paneling Design Reclaimed

Wide Plank Barn Wood Paneling
         Wide Plank Barn Wood Paneling     
Reclaimed Mouldings
Water-Based Glazing
moldings as ceiling design
Dimensional Wood Block Design
Dimensional Wood Block Design
Vertical Wood Wall Design
Reclaimed Oregon White Oak
white oak wood wall paneling
Charred Wood Wall
Asian Burnt Design
Charred Wood Wall Paneling

Gray Weathered Barn Wood Siding

Weathered Gray Barn Wood Wall Paneling
Barn Wood Siding Shiplap Milled
Barn Wood Siding

Salvaged Exterior Siding Design

recycled cedar siding

Weathered Wood Siding

Gray Barn Wood Siding

Naily Wood Random Width

barnwood ceiling
Milk Paint Wall Paneling
(Built with Salvaged Wood)
Milk Paint Wall Paneling Salvaged Wood        

Barnwood Naturals, LLC
101 Union St NE
Salem, Oregon
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