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Reclaimed Design
What We Do...                       

Design/Build.    Commercial and residential applications.  The more challenging and, "Out of the box", the better.   

Reclaim.   All of our materials are 100% reclaimed.   Virtually every species of wood can be salvaged and reused for applications today.    
Commercial and Residential Applications 
Amadeus - Salem Oregon

Nandos - Toronto

Abbott's Cellar, San Francisco - Reclaimed Oak

RLO Gallery, San Francisco

Facebook Campus Project 

Reclaimed Wide Plank Oregon Fir

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Cabinetry

Kentucky Red Oak Sliding Door

Reclaimed Plank Tops 

Nike - Beaverton, Oregon

Charred Siding

Reclaimed Wood Wall Cladding

BR Guest, Lincoln Center NYC

Weathered Oak Paneling and Mantel

Milk Paint Wall Design

Nursery Wall Design
 KIm Lewis Designs  Milk paint wall reclaimed wood Jewel Murray

Reclaimed Wood Wall
reclaimed wood Layered Wall

Gray Weathered Siding Wall
Abbot's Cellar

San Francisco

Charred Wood Siding/Paneling

Charred Wood Siding

Reclaimed Hardwoods

Barn Board Plank Siding 

Soft Wood Mix Siding

Reclaimed Siding


Reclaimed Pickled Cedar    

Wide Plank Barn Wood Flooring 
Colorful Wall Design

Reclaimed Pine
Ceiling and Wall Design

Soft Wood Mix

Barn Wood Siding

Old Red Paint Wood Wall Design

Gray Weathered  

Douglas Fir Wide Plank Flooring
Barn Wood

Barn Wood Plank Flooring
Pier 39 
Barn Wood Plank Floor Bruce Wadleigh


Weathered and White-Washed Barn Boards
    White Washed Weathered Wood

Charred Wood Wall Paneling  

Charred Wood Burnt Wood Paneling

               Barn Wood Vertical Siding               

White Washed, Recycled Hardwood

  Antique Beam Staircase

Burned Wood Wall Design 

Salvaged Walnut Flooring
Antique Beam Mantle

  Weathered Barn Door
Barnwood Naturals, LLC
101 Union St NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

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